Sinclair is a designer who was launched by a designer named Sinclair in 2014 based on Seoul. Through design, we seek and communicate with all sorts of people from all walks of life, including fine art, street culture, hip-hop, rock and culture. Centered on the concept of “Underground Luxury”, SINCLAIR collection endorses a luxury contemporary brand by pursuing one of a kind and sophisticated style. All products of SINCLAIR collection are carefully produced in limited quantities within seasonal plan. “BORN TO BE UNIQUE&DIFFERENT” The brand SINCLAIR feels like doubtful the low cost, low quality and COPYCAT brands in the market, We pursue new and differentiated design with the code "BORN TO BE UNIQUE & DIFFERENT" instead of the trend-following design. It is a brand that satisfies people who want to express their own personality uniquely rather than satisfy all their tastes. It is the direction SINCLAIR-STUDIO pursues to give pleasure to those who are looking for something different, more interesting through designs that reveal the emotions of designers, and a combination of silhouettes and various expressive techniques that have not been tried

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